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Skolski dani uvijek pobudjuju topla sjecanja pa cak iako ste pohadjali drugu gimnaziju u Sarajevu. Nasa skola je dala izuzetne majstore svoje struke, dala je i ljude koji nisu postigli nista u zivotu, a proizvela je i veliki broj nas koji plutamo povrsinom zivotne zabokrecine bez velikog napora a ipak se kroz maglu prisjecamo nekih formula i lekcija.

Ova otvorena knjiga je tu za sve bivse i sadasnje ucenike druge gimnazije koji zele da se upisu, podijele sa ostalima neki detalj iz skolske klupe ili procitaju nesto saljivo.

Nasi ljudi su skloni prostaklucima ali i privrzeni ljepoti pisane rijeci. Posto ovaj forum nije kontrolisan niti azuriran molimo vas da se klonite jezika kojemu ovdje nije mjesto.

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Druga gimnazija Sarajevo is a school having a long tradition. It was established in 1905. and numerous generations of presently respected people from the domain of both publicity and culture have completed their schooling here.

A teaching process for over 600 students takes place in this building comprising an area of around 5000 square meters. There are around 20 classes of mathematical-computer major. During the eighties, this school was of mathematical-computer streaming only, but due to war destruction and devastated equipment, we are not able to follow it in a course of war time. Nowadays, we have a modern computer classroom and, of course, our students ever ready and competent to confirm as in knowledge they do not lag behind their age-mates from all over the world.

Approximately 40 professors are within a teaching process and although we are in possession of a large building, we are still not able to carry out all our extra-curricular activities to such an extent to be entirely satisfied. This is partly due to fact as we are still sharing our school building with another secondary school for which we hope is supposed to be our co-tenant just for this school year since their devastated school building is under the reconstruction.

In order to achieve better and more interesting activities of all our existing school clubs, we are in a need of better equipped classrooms for the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, French and German language. We also need a better library to enable us to study more domestic and world literature. We need a completely new equipment for our Gym since we are very fond of all sports.We are also very fond of making a newspapers, singing, drawing and painting-and we could say as we are real artists! We are also very successful and keen on conducting various discussions within our Debate Club. We are ambitious, fond of learning and exhibiting our knowledge. Really, we are both good and successful. To which extent? Itís obvious from numerous awards won at the international Mathematical Olympiad: a total of 11 awards pointing out the fact as we have won four of them during the war and immediately after it. We have also participated at the International Olympiads at Physics and Computer science and we were successful ones.

Our School, along with our both professors and students has already undergone three wars and like a Phoenix arises from the ashes and still proceeds.

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pocetna strana - o sarajevskoj drugoj gimnaziji - kontakt


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